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Outsource Silicon-IP vendor & product due diligence, contract negotiation, and management 

Then your design team and/or Executive management are free to focus internal resources on system-level differentiation.  Take advantage of the unique skills used to build the TSMC 3rd party library, analog & mixed-signal IP eco-system from 1998 to 2009.  The Principal at Silicon-IP, Inc. created and built the 3rd party Intellectual Property business & technical program from inception.  Currently, the Principal is providing services to GLOBALFOUNDRIES for strategic development & implementation procedures of their 3rd party Intellectual Property design enablement eco-system.


It's Too Costly Not to Outsource 3rd Party Silicon-IP Due Diligence & Licensing to Experts:


According to the EDA Consortium 2009 study, the development cost of a 40nm System-on-Chip (SoC) design is now $50M.  In addition, 70% of the entire development project cycle time is spent working on verification testing.  Minimizing the overall cost and project completion time is in part accomplished by choosing the appropriate library, analog, & mixed-signal vendor/product and license terms.  Due diligence must drive the IP specs, quality, vendor support, and license terms in order to minimize 3rd-party Intellectual Property integration & verification time.  Even though 3rd party IP costs range from $10K's to $100K's, do not let a missed detail or a drawn out negotiation sabotage $10M's of company investment.


Leverage the Benefits of the Silicon-IP Experience Curve:


At Silicon-IP, expertise is built on implementing a unique business process covering both technical & quality due diligence of both Intellectual Property vendor and product.  These procedures were completed in order to implement 100s of semiconductor Intellectual Property development contracts for foundries that are based on measurable performance requirements.  In comparison, the evaluation & license activities at most SoC design companies occurs once every new product generation, or only once every two years.  Experience curve models, developed early in the 20th Century, provide a predictable and quantifiable advantage in lower cost & increased efficiency for every doubling of cumulative volume.  


The Emergence of Outsourced Intellectual Capital in Silicon Valley:


While many engineering jobs migrate away from Silicon Valley, the intellectual capital remains.  The opportunity for our semiconductor industry this decade is to recognize emerging pockets of expertise and aggregate these into the evolving design chain. 

Strategically and economically it makes sense to outsource services under a couple of definable circumstances.  For reference, tax accounting, litigation attorneys, and public relations firms are typically employed by companies on an outsourced service model

Characteristics of a job function that encourages an outsourcing model include:

     i) Infrequent, yet high impact analysis & decision making,

     ii) Incomplete knowledge available due to infrequent execution (negative experience curve), and

     iii) Non-differentiating, non-core competence activity 


Outsource Supply Chain Management:


Now think about this as applied to 3rd party IP activities.  A typical small- to medium- sized silicon SoC design company only makes IP decisions about once a every two years.  Yet the impact of recovering from a bad IP decision negatively impacts the entire organization - horror stories abound. 

The exponential combinations of semiconductor process changes, library, analog, & mixed-signal IP companies coming and going, and product changes mean if you can not afford to be 100% in the game every day the IP companies control the negotiating playbook.  And while critical for the reasons above, IP due diligence & licensing is not a corporate differentiating activity. 


Let's Discuss:


Taken together, now is the right time to increase the confidence in your 3rd party library, analog, & mixed-signal Intellectual Property decisions for your next SoC design.  We request the opportunity to demonstrate exactly how cost effective it is to outsource this function to Silicon-IP, Inc.


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